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Termite Inspection Checklist

02/23/2021   — Termite Inspection Checklist

In order to prepare for your upcoming termite or home inspection, a preparation checklist is included here.

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What to Expect from Your Termite Inspection


A termite inspection, otherwise known as a wood destroying pest or organism inspection, is an inspection in which a termite inspector inspects all visible and accessible areas around your home and searches for evidence of damage or an infestation. Termite inspectors will also search for areas that are conducive to future infestation.

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Are Regular Termite Inspections Necessary?

Yes. Termites can be difficult to detect as damage can typically be found inside the walls of the home as opposed to somewhere visible. Regular inspections can help identify any termite colonies that have formed. Why Are Termite Inspections Necessary? T ermite damage can be extensive, and it can be ...

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