Rodent Inspections and Exclusions

Real Estate Rodent Inspections

Most homes in escrow we've inspected have evidence of rodent activity, and termite or home inspectors are not equipped or licensed to help with rodent problems, so we created this service to give your clients peace of mind and you a hassle-free transaction.

What’s that sound?

How clean and safe is your attic? When you have rodents lurking in your attic, you’re storing much more than old Christmas decorations and clothing – you could be harboring harmful diseases and health concerns.

Sounds coming from your attic could be from a number of causes, such as pipes, settling, or wind. However, the most common cause of attic noise is the presence of an animal. Attics are one of the favorite spots for rodents to set up their homes. If you are experiencing evidence of rodents, Twin Home Services offers consultations for pest exclusions.

Rodent infestations can cause many more serious problems than simply scratching around at night. After time, musky or rotten odors can often accompany these noise problems, which can be an indication of multiple hazards. Decomposing animals in your attic or walls can create extremely unpleasant odors and spawn flies in your home. More seriously, smells emanating from urine and feces have the potential to be very harmful to human health. Aside from the possible smells, rodents tend to cause physical damage to various parts of your home, including destroying/contaminating insulation, gnawing on or chewing through electrical components, and damaging ducting. Without the help of a pest and rodent exclusion specialist, these critters are likely to stay in and around your home indefinitely.

Why inspect now?

Each change of season is accompanied by a change in temperature. Hot, cold, and wet weather all cause animals to seek shelter in dry, protected places. Anywhere inside your home, even crawl spaces, provide great locations for rodents to settle. By getting a professional pest or rodent exclusion, you are preventing further damage to your house, removing any health risks to you or your family, and saving money.

Why Twin Home Services?

As specialists in pest and rodent exclusion, we can remove unwanted guests from anywhere in and around your home. For attic-specific exclusions, Twin offers the following services:

Exclusion Service Highlights

Inspect the attic for contamination
Repair points of entry
Remove old insulation
Reinsulate with energy efficient insulation
Clean and sanitize
Customized services available to meet your needs